Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cooking from the garden

I started this journal because my daughter is a performer on a three-year tour, cooking on a hot plate in hotel rooms, and she wanted to be able to make some of our family recipes. So the early recipes are all stove-top, or things that can be adapted to stove top. But that leaves out lasagna, and casseroles, and baked chicken, and too many things, so I thought, well my son can use this too!

And then I started this year’s garden.

As I mentioned last time, in the summer all of our meals come from the garden. Meat consumption plummets as the plants get going. So I’ve decided to join the legion of Chicago garden bloggers and start posting about the garden, and about the food I make from it. I’ll try to keep it linked to the cooking for now (all food gardeners are cooks) but who knows.

Thanks for inspiration to my many, many friends on the MyFolia community garden blog, and to MrBrownThumb, who knows about it, and to YouGrowGirl and MySkinnyGarden, where I lurk.

Stir Fried Garden Vegetables

Ingredients for a cooking gardener are “what is in the garden today?” This batch:

From the garden:
Early spinach
Mustard greens
Sugar snap snow peas
Wild onion greens

From the cupboard:
Almond slivers
3 slices of bacon

For tips on stir fry, see Rock stars need to eat, too.

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