Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Project Grow post

I was starting to worry about the indoor starts on the Spitfires. Growing something so publicly makes me feel a little vulnerable. If it doesn't work, everyone will know I'm not a "real" gardener--I stuck a seed in dirt and it didn't grow.

But like the little boy and the carrot, in fact, I planted it, and watered it, and patted it, and on Thursday they just BURST through the seed starting medium (Ferry Morse organic seed starting mix). In the morning- nothing. In the afternoon 3" tall, with two leaves on each. I've never seen anything like it. Haven't checked the wintersown ones, because it's suddenly winter again (March-in like a lion, out like polar bear), and I'm not going outside except under duress.

I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project, thanks to Renee’s Garden for the seeds.


  1. Xan,

    Playing catchup with the posts from March. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for starting early.

    Don't worry about any less than successful attempts because we all have them and we all learn from them.

    Don't forget about this Sunday's post. Can't wait to see your progress.

  2. Thanks GB! This time of year I always feel not quite up to the task. I consider my garden a miracle every summer. The plants let us think we're helping, but really, they pretty much know what to do.