Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two summer slaws

No words of wisdom today! Just two delicious things to do with cabbage. The CSA sent GIANT cabbages this week. Had to do something!

Peach slaw
about 3 cups finely shredded or grated cabbage (1 small head or portion of large head)
2-3 peaches
3T homemade mayonnaise (from the wonderful Little Blue Hen blog. Really, follow her!)
Salt to taste

Shred or grate the cabbage, then mix with the mayonnaise. Peel the peaches (a potato peeler works great, if you're very gentle) then with your hands squeeze the bare fruit directly onto the slaw, shredding the meat as you go, so that chunks of mushed peach end up in the mix. If you are squeamish (you shouldn't be cooking) um that is to say, you can use a lemon press for this; just be careful you don't get pieces of pit in the slaw.

Taste, add salt and white pepper.

Greek lemon slaw
about 3 cups finely shredded or grated cabbage
juice from one half lemon
fresh zest from whole lemon
1/2+ cups olive oil (I like my lemon slaw very oily, so I err on the side of oops!)
salt and green pepper

Mix it all together. I grew up on this stuff and it is still probably my favorite salad.

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  1. You may, or may not, be amused that I made a radish and turnip slaw of sorts to accompany some tofu. I added garlic and onions and it was actually a lot better than it sounds, lol. (The news here is 1) Monica cooked something 2) without a recipe!) ;-)