Monday, July 4, 2011

Growing project updates

Im participating in three growing projects this year:Beautiful plant. Each of the 3 Bramki have at least 3 flower sets, and there are two tiny fruits starting on one. Wish I could find a picture of one. Best I've come up with is a description of "oblate red fruit with good tomato flavor."

The Ferris Wheels have tons of flowers, although the earliest sets all seem to have dropped. Another very sturdy plant, although in general all the tomatoes are really muscular this year. No fruits yet. The Blondkopfchen, from non-SeedBank seeds, appears to be a wildly prolific cherry. Mine is blooming like crazy, but there's also one at the Peterson Garden that we think has about 300 flowers on it.

One Seed Chicago chard washed away in the April Sintflut.

German Pink for One Heirloom Chicago is setting flowers, although still small (latest transplant of all the tomatoes).

I like growing tomatoes, but I wish these community growing projects had a little more community this year.

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