Thursday, February 2, 2012

No Buy February

I'm a day late, but it doesn't matter if I'm a dollar short, because February is "No Buy" month!

Basically what you're trying to do is not buy anything you don't need. What starts to happen is you begin to define "need." Clearly food, but how about clothes? Dinner out? Valentine's Day card or gift (can't you make something instead?).

I'll extend it this year and say if you do buy something not strictly necessary, no using the credit card. This month pay for what you buy, when you buy it. (Sorry, that means you can't buy anything on line, unless you use your debit account, which is not a good plan on line.)

Check out last year's post for the "rules."

1 comment:

  1. I'm in again, I put up that I was doing a 10 dollars a week for food shopping, as like last year, critter food/care is not counted, garden items as required will be got and this year, I am being bad, I have booked a combo 13 year wedding and Valentines Day dinner out, but for what its worth, we are supporting both a both a local farm and eating local food at the meal. They only have dining on sundays at their farm, I will post more once its happened.

    I am aware that the truck will be going in for a tuneup and a clean air check this month as well, but it will be paid for with cash.

    My updates will be on Food Storage Fridays, and I look forward to seeing how you and everyone else that joins goes this month.