Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bloom Day October

Gloom Bloom Day October dreary wet cold. If we hadn't just had the coldest mid-October week in 140 years I believe I would have my late-season roses, my reblooming white iris, and possibly my new black iris. The beans that I was leaving on the vine for seeds are a loss-- vines died, so I don't know if the pods will mature enough to have viable seeds. The last pumpkin is not getting any riper, and the broccoli is in a holding pattern. Fingers are crossed for a promised warm-up next week.

In the meantime, still both fall and summer in the garden, fairly typical for this time of year.

Sweet Autumn Clematis, with blooms as beautiful fading as they are when full
More beauty in decline. Sedum with the turning foliage of canterbury bells.

I guess you can't have October Bloom Day without some mums

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  1. This has been a disappointing fall, but you've still found some beautiful things in your garden. I just love that Aster with the raspberry colored centers. Your Mum is a fabulous color too. You asked on my blog how far north my garden is. I'm in Lake County, not far from the Fox Valley, so yes, it got very cold here last weekend.

  2. Aster, huh. I thought I had finally IDd that puppy as fleabane or boltonia. Need to check out the leaves and figure it out. At any rate, it's an amazing plant-- the foliage is a deep purple in the late summer, with tight red buds, then turns green in fall when this cloud of blossoms opens. Unfortunately, it's an ugly winter plant, you have to cut it back.