Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spitfires, and their cousins

I'm growing Nasturtium Spitfires for the Seed GROW project. Thanks to Renee's Garden for the seeds!

Once I got over the idea that nasturtiums will climb on their own, and actually trained and tied them to the various trellises, they started doing what I wanted them to do. Palm to forehead for not doing this all along, because I think they would be gorgeous now if I had.

I set quite a high bar for these guys, since all the trellis areas I wanted to use are in dappled shade. But now that they're tied for height, they're getting a little more sun and showing a continuous bloom and nice lush greenery.

Here's the other nasturtiums still growing in my yard:
Cherries Jubilee

Two volunteers from a mix planted back in the mists of time. The ones on the left might actually BE spitfires; they look identical, but they're a volunteer from a prior year's planting.


  1. Wow, yours are doing really well! SO full and flowery. Good for you!!

  2. pretty...i love the cool shade look around them though. I didn't expect mine to do much climbing...I let them do spilling instead.

  3. I'm impressed Xan! Yours are blooming so nicely.

  4. I wish I had planted more nasturtiums this year because your other ones are making me jealous.

  5. MBT- the pink one looks good enough to eat, I have to say. I also planted one called "Mahogany" but they didn't come up :(

  6. I like that pink one. I didn't know they came in pink! I was expecting more climbing as well. I draped them over things when they got long enough, and one actually climbed laterally into the sunflower and may do something interesting there. The vines on the ground amongst the garden plants are my favorite, though.