Saturday, August 13, 2011

K is for Kitchen

I spend a lot of time in here.

I've always been a cook, of the I-like-home-cooking variety (never a "chef" or "foodie," g*d forbid), but I got into it in a big way about 3 years ago when I got downsized, which was both depressing and gave me a lot of free time.

So I learned to do preserving, and started blogging all our family recipes, and then starting making shit up, and putting those in here too.

Last year we finally put in an island, so I more or less moved my office (aka the laptop) in here so I could cook and "work" at the same time (hahahaha). Seriously, I can sit here and bake or set up preserves while writing for my clients. I look out the back door at my garden. It makes up for the iniquity of being downsized; I like to joke that it beats the heck out of working for a living.


  1. Is that a madeleine pan in your header? So Want. I love those things!

    "and then starting making shit up"
    That. I am currently just entering that phase of my kitchen saviness. Love how you put it though, I'll pair it with my kitchen sense of "what the hell Am I making?"

  2. I was at an antique mall in Freeport IL last week; wall-to-wall madeleine pans, but old cast iron cookware, which I love, nowhere to be seen.