Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A is for Apple Salad

I'm doing Alphabet August with Chiot's Run. Can't promise a recipe every day, but I'm going to try for a word!

The Peterson Garden Project is making a cookbook all about growing and using your own herbs and vegetables. I'm testing four recipes, and recruiting my hapless friends into testing some more. I made three of them for our annual Lammas Fest, and tested them on those same hapless friends. I'll give the bare bones of the ingredients here, but if you want the whole recipe, you've got to buy the cookbook!

Herbed Goat Cheese dip has fresh goat cheese with olive oil and plain yogurt, giving it a lovely lemony taste. Six herbs, all of which I managed to have in my garden!
Thai Apple Salad was the hit of the day--a wonderful fresh combination of unexpected tastes with a secret ingredient!
Pesto Genovese. Oh, pesto. It's a great recipe with the clearest step by step I've seen, but in the way of pesto turned black within seconds. Sigh.

There's a few dozen more recipes in this book! Subscribe to our newsletter at the Peterson Garden Project website to get the updates! So I guess while I'm at it, A is also for Advocate, and Advertise!

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  1. The apple salad sounds wonderful - even though I'm not a fan of apples. Pesto - YUM - I love love love pest!

    Glad you're joining in (you can always do several letters in one day so you don't have to post each day). Or just comment a word in the comments on my blog if you don't have time to write a post here!