Wednesday, August 17, 2011

N is for Not Enough Time

I was planning to spend the day at the Independent Garden Center show looking for things that start with N (I was going to say "N-words" but that sounds so wrong).

Unfortunately, I have ended up sick in bed annoying everyone with too much tweeting, and writing/scheduling blog posts to take me through 2018.

So N becomes Not Enough Time, which is how I felt in the 2 or so hours I had to walk the floor yesterday. I think there were more than 1,000 vendors, and the place is brimming with cool stuff, boring stuff, wtf-stuff and lots and lots of people to meet.

I stopped by Clesen Wholesalers, one of those places where one of my lives (skating--Dawn Clesen was my daughter's first serious coach), meets the other, namely gardening. I went by the Ethel's booth to see if there really is an Ethel, and to brag that I know Suzy Morris (aka Chiots Run, and Ethel's official blogger!). Alas, no Ethel, but wowie zowie I got to meet Renee of Renee's Garden. Some people are impressed by R. Kelly. Me? I like the seed ladies.

One of the vendors had lovely handmade soaps in various scents, including a "garden dirt" one, haha. Which, yes, I will buy this. I complain a lot about our toxic, extractive, consumerist culture, but I'm pretty much a sucker for a cute product.

Oh, and I told Corona Tools I'd find an "N" tool that I like. so here it is: catalog Number FS4350, Thinning Shears, forged blade.

Is that cheating?

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